Vic’s Top 5 Underrated Covers by Female Artists

It’s Monday, but I’m here to start your week off right with a big ol’ dose of my unsolicited opinion. I’m back with another “Top 5” list, this time to share some of my favourite song covers by female artists – because feminism – and also because nothing brightens up your Monday morning routine like some good music.

These songs are listed in no particular order because frankly, I couldn’t decide what order to put them in. Each woman on this list is totally slaying the game, why make it a competition?

What A Wonderful World x Can’t Help Falling In Love Mashup – Renée Dominique

I actually just came across this cover, which was what gave me the idea to write this. It was posted two years ago, so admittedly I am a little late for the train, but something about the delicacy of her arrangement has absolutely earned it a place on this list. On another note, this video is composed and shot extremely well. Renée definitely gained a subscriber this morning!

Champagne Supernova (Live Lounge) – The Pretty Reckless

This cover has a bit more of a gritty vibe than the last one. Taylor Momsen is hands-down my favourite female rock vocalist of this generation and I’m fairly obsessed with The Pretty Reckless, but when I found this cover I found myself longing for more 90’s shenanigans from this band. Someone in the comments says Taylor’s voice here is like “a female Eddie Vedder,” and they’re not wrong. Her distinct raspy but sultry vocal style was made for grunge. This wasn’t something I thought I needed in my life, but it’s definitely a gem that I’ll always be glad I found.

Stand By Me – Florence + the Machine

I’m sorry that this one doesn’t have a video to go with it, but I can promise you that this will probably be one of the most beautiful covers you will ever hear. I’ve raved about Florence Welsh’s ethereal voice on this blog before and I feel no shame in doing it again. Florence + the Machine covered this classic for the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack in 2016. A friend showed it to me last year and it instantly made its way onto every single one of my playlists. If 2:42 onward doesn’t give you chills, you’re just wrong.

ME! – Ukulele Cover by Mackenzie Johnson

If we’re being honest, I knew I wanted to include Mackenzie Johnson somewhere on this list, but I was having the hardest time deciding which cover to choose. What sets a great cover apart from a mediocre one in my opinion (and I’m sure most of you can agree) is when the artist really makes it their own – Mackenzie nails this every time, no matter the genre. Every song she covers has a bit of her own flair. No tea, no shade to Taylor Swift and Brendan Urie, but I chose this song because it highlights the way Mackenzie can take a fairly generic tune and make it special. Unfortunately this arrangement still includes the oh-so-cringey “hey kids, spelling is fun!” lyric… but we can’t have everything.

Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Daniela Andrade

I’m guessing by now you’ve caught onto my fascination with the “delicate, celestial, husky” vocal style. There is something haunting about this cover that gives me chills every time – ASMR who? Danielle has a number of other strong contenders in her arsenal, notably her cover of Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, but this one takes the cake for originality, composition and not to mention it’s just a classic. Daniela’s version of this song is so drastically different than the iconic Nancy Sinatra version that it knocks you off your feet from the first note and keeps you mesmerized until the last.

I hope you enjoyed this list – let me know what you thought! What are some of your favourite covers?